Zoo Of Acadiana – Direction, Information, Exhibits, Attractions and Contact Details

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Zoo of Acadiana is one of the best zoos in Louisiana. The Acadiana Zoo is accredited with Zoological Association of America and American Association of Zoo Keepers. The Zoo of Acadiana does not receive any federal fun, or city, or from the state.

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Animal gazing, bird watching, joyride, Safari of Light show, hosting parties, and much more to add more fun to the life is available at the Zoo of Acadiana, Broussard, Louisiana.

Zoo Of Acadiana  Picture

Zoo Of Acadiana Direction

If coming from North of I-49 of the I-10 take the South of I-49 and drive beneath I-10.

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If coming from I-10 take Lafayette Exit-103 off I-10. When get on the intersection of I-49 and South of Highway-90. Drive through I-49 transforming into Evangeline Thruway, which b turn again transforms into Highway-90. After a mile from Highway-182 and passing over the train tracks reach the zoo.

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If coming from southern Broussard Highway-90 take the way towards Broussard or Lafayette. After 11miles of intersection between Highway-14 and Highway-90 reach the zoo.

Zoo Of Acadiana Information

Zoo of Acadiana started operating in the year 1992. The zoo envelops 45 acres of land within its limit, with a complete natural set up where the animals feel truly at home.

Acadiana Zoo offers the animal lovers with a great opportunity to satisfy their animal fetish, now they can adopt animals from Acadiana Zoo.

The Acadiana Zoo is a home to about 500 animals of more than 150 species. The zoo also houses many endangered species and takes care of them, breeding and upbringing them.

There are many other fun activities at the Acadiana Zoo. Children would find it extremely interesting at the playground and taking a ride of the joyride, or check out the Curator’s Corner.

The zoo hosts many yearly events like Eggstavaganzoo, Safari of Light, Boo at the Zoo, Zoolebrate, and many more.

To get more details about the events, housed animals, the zoo’s set up, and more please log into the official website of the Zoo of Acadiana.

Memberships are also available at the Zoo of Acadiana. To get the membersghip details please log into the official website of the zoo.

Zoo Of Acadiana Image

Zoo Of Acadiana History

The Zoo of Acadiana opened in the year 1992. George Oldenburg took over the Acadiana Zoo. Eventually over the years the entire Oldenburg family took interest and joined the zoo organization. The Oldenbur juniors have even taken up zoo and animal life related courses for their college and universities.

Zoo Of Acadiana Exhibits

The Zoo of Acadiana houses around 500 animals from all around the globe, of more about 125 species or more. The collection includes even some of the endangered breeds and species.


The birds are housed in the Aves section. Zoo of Acadiana has almost all sorts of species of birds from all over the Earth. The ones who can fly, the ones who cannot fly, the ones who swim, and even the ones who simply stroll around, are all to be found in the Acadiana Zoo. The longs list goes somewhat like this – cockatoo, conure , African crowned, crane from Sandhill, duck the Indian runner, emu, Carribean flamingo, laughing kookaburra, lorikeet,Catalina macaw, ostrich, Amazon parrot, Mealy-Rosella parakeet, and many more to never fall short of the list and sight.


The mammals are housed in Mammalia section. Zoo of Acadiana houses all kinds of mammals, ranging from the primates, herbivorous, carnivorous, and omnivorous. The variety consists of the large and small cat family like tigers, lions, leopards, etc.; hoofed mammals like giraffe, camels, and many more. To name in specific the African lion deserves mention. The list flows long with the species of bears, bats, blackbuck, capuchin, caracal, cougar, variety of cows, donkeys, deer, kangaroo, horse, goat, fox, wolves, sheep, monkeys, and many more, just too long the list to jot down.


The under water world has always fascinated us all the more than ever. Countless species and breeds, most of whom we do not even know about are housed in the Acadiana Zoo. Japanese koi, cat fish, and red bellied pacu are the centre of attraction Aamongst the collection. Soon more species are on their way to find home at the Acadiana Zoo.


The reptiles are housed in Reptilia section. The sleek and fast reptile collection consists of yellow anaconda, American alligator, Savanna monitor lizards, African rock python, African Spurthighed tortoise, Honduran milk snake, Corn snake, and lot more to wind down all at a go.


The amphibians are housed in Amphibia section. Many rare species of toads, frogs, newts, and salamanders are housed in Acadiana Zoo. American bull frog, southern leopard frog, and many more such unique species are to be seen in the Zoo of Acadiana.

To know more about the house collection at the Zoo of Acadiana please log into the official website of the zoo.

Zoo Of Acadiana Attractions

There are many ore to do in the Zoo of Acadiana apart from animal gazing.

Zoo Of Acadiana Photo

Antelope Express Train Ride

Visitors can have a gala time enjoying the Antelope Express Train ride, taking the guests all around the zoo and viewing the deer, zebras, waterbuck, and many more.

Jungle Lodge Playground

Elders can leave their kids at the Jungle Lodge Playground, while taking their time off and strolling around. Children can do a demo practice session of adventure and thrill at the playground.

Curator’s Corner

The Zoo of Acadiana offers even more fun and enjoyment to the visit. Drop by at the newly introduced Curator’s Corner to experience even more species of rare found water animals.

Safari of Lights

During the holiday season the Zoo of Acadiana features a special show where pictures and animated version of animals from around the planet. The large screen and light effects thrill the kids as well as the elders.

Ticket price for the Safari of Light show is $6 for anybody above 2years of age, at the entrance.

To get further details about the attractions and activities at the Zoo of Acadiana please log into the official website of the zoo.

Zoo Of Acadiana Rental

The Zoo of Acadiana is available on rental for parties also. Get wildlife theme decoration, food and beverages on order, tour of the zoo, and fun rides at the party.

To get details and prices of zoo rental for parties and booking please log into the official website of the Acadiana Zoo.

Picture of Zoo of Acadiana

Zoo Of Acadiana Operation Hours & Operation Days

The Zoo of Acadiana operation hours vary with seasons and are subjected to change depending on the weather.

Usually the Acadian Zoo operates on all 7 days of the week from 9am to 5pm from January to November.

On December the Zoo of Acadiana operates on all 7 days of the week from 9am to 4pm

On December the Acadiana Zoo hosts Safari of Light show from 5pm to 9pm

The Acadiana Zoo is closed on New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

The Acadiana Zoo is closed at 12 noon on Christmas Eve and New Year eve.

Zoo Of Acadiana Ticket Rates

Zoo of Acadiana coupon fee for entry is as followed :

For children below 2years of age entry is free

For visitors between 3years and 12years of age entry fee is $5.50

For visitors between 13years and 54years of age entry fee is $9.25

For visitors above 55years of age entry fee is $8.20

Zoo Of Acadiana Contact Details

Address – Zoo Of Acadiana, 5601 Highway 90, East Broussard, Louisiana- 70518

Postal Address – Zoo of Acadiana, 116 Lakeview Drive Broussard, Louisiana-70518

Phone No . – 337-837-4325

Fax No. – 337-837-4253

E-mail – WILD@ZooOfAcadiana.org

Website – www.zooofacadiana.org

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